As a Chicago native, I recently returned to my hometown roots after 7 years in New York City. Fashion, Beauty, and Design best describe my industry experience, beginning with Estee Lauder Corporation (MAC Cosmetics and Clinique), intermixed with a degree in apparel design from FIT, and continuing as an accessories designer and illustrator. You can find my latest designs in Nordstrom stores across the country!

While working in New York, and traveling to and from Chicago, I began to recognize that people in both cities often asked for my help, not only to redesign their wardrobes, but also to help them realize and define their personal style. Casual afternoon shopping excursions evolved into consulting sessions, closet evaluations, and of course...more shopping!

My clients are not only happy with their new wardrobes, but more importantly, they feel better about their appearances, and are more confident in their everyday lives. I discovered a small niche and a real satisfaction in helping people unleash their own personal styles. You might say that their coming-out party was mine, too.

I work with men and women from all walks of life, ranging from a foreign diplomat and enterprise software executive, to an independent film director. Most people have an idea or vision of their style, but many people do not know how to achieve that I help!